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And not just phone calls, what about ALL Social Media messages from Facebook, Instagram, your Google Business Profile, Twitter(X), TicTok ect? No need to struggle, no circus juggle. Not anymore. Instantly respond on one magic screen. Live or auto-replies But the main thing is you MUST have a Speedy Reply. Study after study shows if you don't follow up within 5 mins the chance they call someone else skyrockets.

No matter HOW someone contacts you - Phone, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter(X), TicTok, Google Business Profile...
Missed Call Genie Replies Immediately!

Simplify Your Life - ALL communications in ONE easy to use place.

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Don’t Let Cash Slip Away: Catch Every Call and Every Dollar with Our Superhero Tool!

Meet ‘Missed Call Genie’: The Money-Saving, Money-Getting Super Cool Way to Never Miss a Phone Call or Any Online Social Message Again!

Ever thought about how much money flies away every time you miss a call? It’s a lot! But don’t worry, we’ve got the magic superhero tool you need: ‘Missed Call Genie.’

Think about it, everyone is chatting on social media, and it's a big, exciting world! But answering everyone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter(X), your Google Business Profile, and more can feel like you’re trying to juggle a bunch of balls in the air at once. Phew, that’s tough!

Here’s where 'Missed Call Genie' becomes your magic superhero tool. It brings all your social media chats into one super cool place. Just like that, you can talk back, answer questions, and return calls, no matter where they messaged you from. It’s like having a magic command center that makes sure you never miss a beat and always stay cool! Think of it like this: Every call could be a customer ready to buy, a deal ready to close, or a big opportunity knocking on your door. When you miss that call, it’s like letting dollars slip right through your fingers. Ouch!

But here’s the good news: ‘Missed Call Genie’ is here to save the day! It sends a super quick personal message like “Hey, we missed your call but you are super important to us!” right away. So you keep that customer happy, and you keep that money in YOUR BUISINESS. Because you know if they don't get an answer quick they will simply call the next business. Harsh but true.

It’s like having a magic genie who's got your back, making sure you never lose out just because you couldn’t pick up the phone. It’s about being smart, being fast, and showing your customers that they mean the world to you (and your business).

Why let missed calls be missed money? With ‘Missed Call Genie,’ every call is a chance to build relationships, to grow, earn, and to show just how awesome your business is. So, if you want to be the hero of your business and keep the cash flowing, ‘Missed Call Genie’ is ready to team up with you. Let’s turn those calls into cash together!

Yours in Serving, Winning, and Earning!

P.S. I've meet so many business owners that simply did not realize how many missed communications they have. The old saying you don't know what you don't know comes to mind. But think about it how can anyone even with a full staff answer and reply to every call, every message, on every single platform within a few minutes, especially when it gets busy. It's physically impossible nowadays and totally unnecessary - When you have Missed Call Genie at the ready 24/7. Give it try, if Missed Call Genie doesn't boost your bottom line almost immediately you owe nothing.

What do you have to lose (besides all that extra money)!

Studies show you are 21x more likely to convert a new lead if you respond within 5 mins compared to 30 mins

Responding to leads within the 1st min. increases conversions by 85%

85% of people whose calls are not answered don't call back

Small and Mid-sized businesses miss about 62% of all incoming contacts

9 out of 10 customers have frustrations with calling a business

1/3 of consumers won’t wait on hold for customer service &

Up to 80% of callers would prefer to text than leave a voicemail

Do You Know How Much "Missed Inbound Communications" Is Costing YOUR Business Every Day?

Missed calls can have several negative effects on businesses. Here are some potential consequences:

Customer Impatience: Studies suggest that customers are becoming less patient when waiting for their calls to be answered. According to research, the majority of callers are likely to hang up within 60 seconds if their call is not answered promptly.


Missed Opportunities

One chance to make a first impression


Poor customer experience

Negative word of mouth


Lost trust and credibility

Looks disorganized and uninterested in customer


Increased customer churn

They'll simply contact another business


Decreased customer satisfaction

Want immediate help


Missed collaboration and partnerships

Not being up to date


Operational inefficiencies

Puts a strain on employees time


Damaged Reputation

Once lost difficult to get back

If you're spending any money on ads and not replying within 5 mins you're wasting money. You don't even realize it but you are immediately losing customers. This is how your competition will beat you. You have to show the customer you are organized, professional, can solve their problem almost immediately.

How It Works

Every time an inbound call to your business goes unanswered, we'll send a text message back to the caller within seconds!

  • No missed-calls left behind

When they reply, we'll push you a notification from our mobile app, where you can continue the conversation!

  • Turns missed-calls into SMS conversations

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When they reply, we'll push you a notification from our mobile app, where you can continue the convo!

  • Turns missed-calls into SMS conversations

Connect with your customers the way they prefer to connect with you.

Unless they can get an immediate answer no one wants to call businesses anymore. In 2024, it's like asking them to fax you! Text messages have highest open rate and are the preferred method of communication.


Unlock The Power Of Chat

Skyrocket your business by opening the most preferred communication channel


Never Miss Another Call

Never lose business because of a missed call again


Elevate Your Reputation

Monitor, reply, and grow your reviews from your pocket


Increase Revenue From Google

Activating Google Chat is like turning on a "free leads" faucet for your business


Manage Your Business From Your Pocket

Take your business on the go with our mobile app


BONUS #1 Missed Call Genie Mobile App. So you can be anywhere, simply click a button and be connected to the missed call or reply via text, or reply to same platform they contacted you, Messenger, Instagram, your Google Business Profile, Twitter(X) however they contacted you - you can reply instantly!

BONUS #2 Reputation Management. When you connect Facebook and Google Business Profile, reviews automatically start pulling into the conversation stream, where you can view, reply, and dispute them. You can also gather more reviews with review request templates and send them out to contacts with a quick action.

BONUS #3 Automated Answers to FAQ's. Does your business get a lot of messages asking the same or similar questions? We can build out answers to whatever you wish automated, from simple things like "when are you open", "where are you located", "do you have any specials" - to more complex answers like do you have a particular item.

BONUS #4 Call to Action forms on your website. Call to action forms are a great way to engage with your business. You can offer specials, or information such as a PDF or almost anything to generate more leads for your business! If you are not using them you're missing out on one of the best ways to grow your business. If you don't have a webpage to put one on we'll even make one for you!

BONUS #5 Social Link Pages. Have you ever noticed that many social platforms limit you to including just one link on the profile page? It can be hard to decide whether you want to link to your website home page, a contact page, a blog, or something else entirely. These LinkTree-like pages are much more powerful than any one website page and we'll create one for you!

BONUS #6 Webchat Widget. This is HUGE... When leads fill out the chat form on your website, it comes through as a text in your conversations stream. When you reply, it goes to their phone as a text message, so they aren’t waiting around with a chat box open!

What's Included

• Missed-Call Text-Back Automation

• 2-Way SMS

• Review Monitoring + Replies

• Google Chat

• Mobile App

• Free Setup

• 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Only $297 / Month

Try It Risk Free For 14 Days!

We know missed calls are costing you a significant amount of business, and we're willing to prove it. Start a free 14 Day Trial today!

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